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About Deep Dermal Treatments

Deep dermal aims to go deep in the derma, under the muscle in order to target the root of what causes aging.

Anti-aging red light therapy:
Red light easily penetrates the skin, boosts circulation and brings more blood and nutrients to the treated area. It stimulates vital collagen and elastin production. It energizes and repairs damaged cells. Gives skin back its youthful look.

Micro-current facial:
A safe, painless, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that helps tone, lift and firm sagging facial muscles back to their original positions and shapes.

Diamond Dermabrasion:
Is the new technology crystal free resurfacing tool made with finely crushed diamonds used to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This technique of dermabrasion removes damaged skin allowing healthier skin to grow in its place. It is most effective for decreasing acne scars and fine lines around the mouth.

Blue-Light Therapy:
Blue light therapy is a scientifically and clinically proven therapy to kill the bacteria that cause acne and helps with photo-rejuvenation. Blue-light therapy for actinic keratosis is known to be used in hospitals in treating and reducing the number of pre-cancers.

Ultrasonic Spatula:
Ultrasonic Spatula is the new generation of micro dermabrasion, or soft peeling, using ultrasound vibration.

The ultrasonic spatula hydration is an intense facial that heats skin tissue, stimulates blood flow and penetrates ingredients to deeper levels of skin tissue causing strengthening of the skin and reducing wrinkles.

Revitalight Skincare System:
The Revitalight Skincare System is a safe and effective use of advanced light technology designed to help diminish the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots on the face, neck and hands by promoting collagen firmness.

The skin naturally appears smoother, tighter, and more radiant as the collagen becomes firmer. The Revitalight System’s cool temperatures cannot harm the skin in any way, and the disposable pulsator covers, made of FDA-approved plastic, assure that only a sanitized device touches the client’s skin.

  • No heat
  • No pain
  • No recovery time
  • Deep dermal Peels
    Deep dermal diamond microdermabrasion
    Microcurrent face lift therapy
    Red LED light therapy
    Revitalight Skincare System therapy